ZoomNotes has published Update 7.1.26 which includes new features.

First New Feature

Now, you can work with your  “Mozbii Colorpilar” stylus in ZoomNotes directly! This is a stylus there you are able to capture colours from your environment such as “Flowers in a garden” and use exactly this colour to do your handwritten notes or drawings.

Second New Feature

This feature is not really obvious but, in my eyes it is vast improvement for the Auto-Backup-Feature available. It is now possible to have a full structure to your backup location like


this was not possible before.

WebDav and ZoomNotes

If you have trouble to view your data in ZoomNotes, it is probably an issue with the access rights of assigned to your folders. Meaning, please check your NAS for the access rights.

In order to do this, please follow this little tutorial:

  1. System – Shared Folder – Change. Next, users and services should have access to your shared folder:


  2. Folders in your Shared Folders
    Sometimes, the access rights assigned to the Shared Folder does not get inherit to the sub folders. Therefore, please make sure that your sub folders got the same access rights too.
    FileStation – Your Folder – right mouse click – Properties.
  3. Backup Folder
    Also check here the correct access rights assigned so that ZoomNotes can access and write to this folder.



Wondering about giving access to “EveryBody”?

Well, most NAS using a kind of Linux or get supported by Linux. For Linux is an administrator also a user and everybody. Therefore, it is important to make sure that both “USER” and “EVERYBODY” got access  to your backup location or own cloud.

You will be able to overwrite access rights on each single folder or even file if you wish.


Do you have questions? Please contact me using my contact form.


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