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One of my passion is the own cloud, paperless office and productivity within our digital world from today. I am absolutely certain that everybody can have their own cloud.

For years, I use the paperless office and especially with my own cloud I am more productive than ever before.

Short word to me: I am 43 years, live in Hofheim / Germany and work in Finance. Currently, I am planning to set up my own business. I have got four cockatiels at home which live in a big aviary in my living room. I am interested in time management, productivity, IT, Finance, Controlling, Economic, laws but also read  authentic and crime related books mostly on my Kindle.

Personally, I like to help my readers to fulfil their dream of having their own cloud running and get back their full control over their data, data protection and security again.

I like to write articles and give a helping hand in a way that everybody can understand and able to realise their own cloud and all of this:

„from a “ordinary” person to “ordinary people“ –

That was written from my readers directly!

I have just set up my blog in February this year and therefore, it is pretty new. But I am certain that with time there will be loads of interesting articles and help to everybody.

I just started in February 2017 with blogging too, so this is very new to me and my learning curve is high everyday.

I do my utmost to protect your data and fulfil all requirements under the German data protection act. Your data will not be saved in any cloud but are kept directly by me. That means, if you use comments, contact forms or my newsletter all data are safe and I will not be given away to anybody.

That’s why, I do not use the “public” discussion forum like other blogs do but you are more than welcome to share my articles with your own social media. The data protection agreement you will find in the Impressum.

Under my slogan  „Paper and Cloudless  though the digital world from today – but still being productive” you will find everything what you need to “Get Your Data Home“:

I like to help you to realised your own cloud and I offer some possibilities which will help you to fulfil this.

  • Articles on my blog
  • Giving you a helping hand:

My readers voted to get a “Steffi’s Help” – site in order to provide proper help and having a kind of WIKI to search and browse. I will use this help site to give information, advise, to software, hardware which I use myself. Further to this you will be able to submit your question directly on this page.

My goal is that more and more people have their full control of their own data.

All your questions are most welcome! Does not matter if you are a technician, layman or a Finance lady, like me 🙂 Just ask and you will get a response with certainty! In my mind there are not any “stupid questions but only stupid answers!.

Could not you find what you were looking for?  Just send a message to me using the contact form or email. I look forward to your message!

  • My partner program

    From own experiences, I know that some software or apps cannot really be used in your own cloud as they do not hat features like HTTP/HTTPS or more importantly WebDav. That’s why I have set up my partner program.

How does it work? 

My partners will sponsor programs, discount, coupons to my readers or give me a commission. I will use only partners there I am fully satisfied with their software and that I use myself, so I can help you with setting up, troubleshooting etc.

Evaluation of soft- or hardware:

All assessments and my personal opinion will be published on my blog. All my readers will get within a week a discount to buy the item if they like.


All my commission earned I will give away to you with my raffles and Specials.

That means, if you use my links provided and buy you will get my commission back as I will include it in my raffles and Specials. Mostly, for the “big Stores”-Partner I will use it in this way.

Why I do that and what I will get in return? – You can read here.

  • My Newsletter:
    My newsletter will inform you about the latest news about the own cloud, paperless office and productivity, my last articles and discounts for software or hardware, which I will not display or offer on my blog at all. I will use only certified partners and there am I satisfied with the soft- or hardware. The newsletter will be send each Saturday.
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  • News Corner
    Here you will find all news or hints across the subjects own cloud, IT, hardware, software and security. Further on the left side you will see when my next articles will be published and much more.
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My latest writings:

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It is important to me, that my readers can just get involved in this blog with their opinion, ideas, questions and critics. I will use your first name only, if I publish questions from you unless it was agreed otherwise. If you like to publish your own setup – please do not hesitate to contact me!

Do you have ides, tips, hints, or have your own cloud already running? I look forward to hear from you!

I hope, that you will like my blog.

Special Thanks to Jan, my reader, who provided me some hints and tips! Thank you Jan!

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