Where? For? How? What? Why not? Why now?

The Community of your own cloud, paperless office and productivity?

Let’s get the questions answered from the end to the beginning.

Why now?

I am a person who likes to interact with people and I thought it would be nice to have loads of people who are interested and passionate about the own cloud, paperless office and productivity like you are.

Get help quickly and connect with other members as well as helping each other makes this community special. New things to learn from your own experiences and practical testing makes this community a place to be.

Do not you think: Well, I need hints right now?

What do you then?

Surely, there is a lot of knowledge in your blog of the own cloud and for sure you can contact me by email.

But will not it be easier to get your answer everywhere?

Just chat with all members of the community or with me instantly and free of charge. (BTW: It does not cost you anything) 🙂 )

Why not…

use one of these thousands community which are already there?

Well, as you know I have got my troubles with some of the social media networks – especially Facebook is still to be a mystery to me. What me gets there are the thousands of features which I could or can use but sometimes do need.

Moreover, it is possible with such a social network that information gets buried under six feet and nobody will look at again.

If information is good it should get disappear but to be used for new users or new owners of an own cloud, NAS or whatever.

Personally, it hurts me to loose data or information. Further to this, I think that this Platform will be a good source additionally to your blog of the own cloud, paperless office and productivity.


A forum for instance is an ideal companion for getting answers to integration, creation, planning of your own cloud. Get another prospective by interacting with all members and learn more and more every da.

But such a forum has to be monitored and moderated and sometimes quick answers are difficult to handle.

Therefore, I choose a free-of-charge platform which:

  • Get your answers fast
  • Discuss all subjects you like
  • Freedom of mind and expression
  • Your Ideas – Your subject and extend your knowledge
  • Connect with people who have the same passion as you do
  • Get connected on all operating systems and mobile devices
  • Is free of charge

Subjects are not only the own cloud but also everything what belongs to it. Currently there are some categories already created but can be extended if you like:

  • Apple
  • AppleScripting
  • Apps
  • DevonThink
  • ZoomNotes
  • Data Protection
  • Readers help Readers
  • Software
  • Windows
  • Workflows.


It is your community of the own cloud, paperless office and productivity and there are endless possibilities of communicating, sharing and direct chat.

As German’s always need to do: There are only three basic rules in order to use this community which are:

  • All Questions are important!
    Generell answers like „I do not know“ are not worth posting altogether or helping other members.
  • Discuss or share subjects, information or what ever you like or concerning and get other opinions as well.
  • Be respectful towards other members
    That means that you should be nicely sit in a corner and do not do anything but the opposite: Discussions are sometimes hard but that is the mean of them. Everybody can learn from others for instance.
    Discuss all your subjects you like but please remember: „There are not any stupid questions but stupid answers“ and latter should have a place in this community.


whom is the community ideal?

For all people: Does not matter if private people or organisation which want to be more productive and paperless using their own cloud. For everybody who plans to get an own cloud installed and for everybody who already have their own cloud.

Get and Give knowledge in order to be more produktiv in your own workflow and give advise to other members.


Do you know ACT from the 90th and year 2000?

ACT is a CRM which has established services for small and medium sized organisation. Here is a link if you like

Beyond there main business, this company has also a platform called Ryver which is free of charge.

That’s why I have Chosen Ryver because I know ACT for ages. Ryver is really really free and you got several possibilities to connect, communicate and share.

Within Ryver there are several subjects as sub forum which I have implemented. You an connect to all of them or only which you like most.

All sub forums are separated by language using „de“ for German and „en“ for English.

Hence, discuss news from the world of technology, AI or whatever you like.

If you need help within the community you can ping me using @Steffi and I will help you to get around.

An overview of all operating systems (Windows, MAC, Linux) and apps for smartphones and tables you can find here.

To register an account please follow the link to Steffi’s Cloud Community and you will need to verify your email account (OPT-IN).

You can share the link to the Community if you like with everyone interested in the own cloud, paperless office and productivity.

I look forward to seeing you in your community of the own cloud.

There are two videos available showing the registering on the web and using an App.